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Baryn Futa Believes Art Defines a Society

March 20, 2022

From the perspective of art lover Baryn Futa, it is impossible to overstate the value of the arts on any society. That is because art is always a necessary and defining element of any culture; the element that serves as a connecting point between one society and another. The arts are an essential touchstone from ancient times to the modern day. In the same way, today’s art will be a touchtone that will connect us to our descendants. We also have to preserve the art of the past as a show of respect to our ancestors. Our grandchildren are depending on us to preserve as much art as possible for them.

Based on Baryn Futa’s view of the arts, art museums and art preservation in general are phenomenally important. After all, fine art represents where a society is, which is why Baryn has a strong desire to preserve that for the ages. He wants more people to appreciate the arts as much as he does. Since preservation is his main motivation for developing and maintaining his own large and impressive art collection, he tries to share his pieces with museums as possible. Art is what defines society and we owe it to our children and grandchildren to preserve art for them.